Starting from $500.

Dentures are known as artificial teeth and gums. They are used to replace missing teeth. You can either order a full denture or partial denture to replace all teeth or just some parts of missing teeth. It is a custom made teeth which can be easily taken out and put back into your mouth. With dentures, you can have a natural look for your teeth. To keep the oral hygiene, you should always clean and wash them.

Ardmore Dental Flexible Dentures

New kind of dentures, unlike acrylic dentures, are more flexible and withstand higher forces, which makes them harder to break.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dentures will last for five to eight years. It can even last longer if you always clean it and take good hygiene of it.

You should avoid eating some hard-to-chew food with your new dentures. You can start with some liquid diets and soft food. Even after you are used to wear dentures, you still need to eat those hard food with cares.

There are three types of materials to make dentures:

  • Acrylic resin is always the highest-on-demand material as it is the easiest to adjust and it is said to be the more comfortable material to user.
  • Porcelain is well known because it is stronger and durable compared to acrylic resin. Besides, it gives a more natural appearance.
  • Partial metal is more adaptable to user, compared to the other two materials and it costs more as well because it takes more time and skills to create it.

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